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Welcome to Rise Above The Fall


What is Rise Above The Fall?

Rise Above The Fall is a program where you can find various modules, courses, and discussions on topics such as: defeating anxiety, depression, and alcoholism. You can learn how to communicate and appropriately interact with the people in your life,  set boundaries that make you a better person, and control unhealthy habits and addictions that don’t allow your better self to shine through.

About Peter Needham

As a Certified Life Coach and a proud father of 2 girls, Peter Needham dedicates his time to educating and encouraging appropriate communication between men and women. Pete teaches how to build relationships with every sort of individual you may face in your life, in any situation.

Having gone through many of life’s challenges, learning and surpassing them to become a better him, Pete has found a passion to educate people about communication, about becoming more self-aware, and about being able to triumph over any situation.

Although Pete has plenty of formal education, his abundance of lived experiences go beyond anything one can learn in a classroom. These lived experiences partnered with his education and the counselling that he has had, have equipped him with the knowledge to now be able to create programs and courses that address the concerns of the individual first. Pete is able to offer various methods and strategies to help improve one’s self  in order to be able to better face life, and all sorts of relationships one has.


Please stay tuned as we begin our discussions and release free modules and courses that will benefit you as an individual and help you surpass any negative situation that life may throw you way.

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