What Triggers an Affair

What triggers an affair?

Lack of attention first, time, when

Equals loneliness,

Detachment, detached emotionally,


Lack of Attention

When a person starts to notice from there partner that they are not being payed attention to, that raises an awareness for that condition to confirm, this will show something is wrong.

Especially when physical attention is so important for initial contact.


If you begin to find your partner filling up their schedule, and not making time for you in there somewhere. It might be time to have a conversation. These situations can happen very and without warning.

Have the conversation and stay in it until it is resolved according to your satisfaction, not your partner. Your partner will try to make attempts to delay, make excuses to try and end what’s bothering you, and disregard the importance of the conversation quickly. Don’t allow discussion to end until the answer comes and you are good with it! If there is hesitation, you are not down!



Trace back your thoughts, try to remember when you noticed you were beginning to do things without your partner!

How did your body respond when you realized your partner was missing in action?

What excuse did you give yourself to justify your action?

Answer these questions and you will pin point when it started?


These action will initiate loneliness. Once loneliness is triggered, the emotion of that will hard wire and set up the beginning stages of an affair, you may not be fully aware that it is happening.

You Seek emotional connection that fills what was lacking,

Desire to fill emptiness is all decided in the mind first,

Every piece of information that is given to you is stored what should not remain in your mind should be removed. We may remove most event. We have not taken the time to remove the residual effects that is attached to you from what people, places or things that still remain absorbed to the lining of your spirit, your soul. That is what is triggering you to act.


Why people in general, all the way up to people with authority, fall short?


This action will become physical

The emotion mixed with the physical will create the subconscious desire to want more of the connection.


To counter this you must put tools in place to make sure triggers are not entertained.


Step 1: If you clear your mind of all thoughts that should be there  from  people, places and things, because that is what you are suppose to do. step one.

Step 2: You also need to be more specific and clear out the lining what may be still attached to your thoughts as well, the things, places, and people that you can’t remember that is sticking to the lining of your thoughts, needs to be removed too daily.