The Wellness Declaration

The Wellness Declaration

Because of my desire and the will to want to be healthy, I have a healing mind.

I have overcome the world and I am higher than any problem and situation that comes my way.

I have the power and authority to cancel and remove anything in my mind that is planning to hurt me.

I am not subjected to depression, anxiety, worry, fear and any compulsive behavior that doesn’t line up to who I really am.
Because I recognize the root of any crisis that comes my way knowing that these are just symptoms.

I decree that my past will not dictate my current state of who I am.

I have the authority to reset my wellness blueprint in my mind.
I take authority over my situations knowing I’m more than a conquer.
I am a person of worth and extreme value.
I attract positive energy everywhere I go.
I am a person of internal wealth and I create my destiny.
I attract positive people because of my extreme internal valve of who I really am day by day.

Pete Needham

© Copyright 2017 Rise Above the Fall - Peter Needham