Methods of How to Acquire the Most Amazing Women (2.0)

Methods of How to Acquire the Most Amazing Women (2.0)

  1. The first 20Secs, how important is it?
  2. It sets everything up for the rest of the evening.
  3. Who leads in the first 20? I think the man should or the red/ type A personality’
  4. Why that personality? They tend to be more controlling and may come across aggressive. This will teach them to tame their power.

Taming you is a loaded segment.

Taming your power

In most cases men are physically stronger. Bur having the ability to do the opposite is a learned skill. Most men and some women will have to tap into a more sensitive side of their masculine.

Both sexes have a masculine and feminine side to their genetic make-up. Tapping into that is not easy to do. You will have to learn how that can be done in a safe way. For example, if you are more rigid in your thinking like men are, you will have to be more understanding in their approach to certain situations.
For men, what sensitivity may look like:

  1. Compassionate: Try and relate to the situation by spending the time with that person and get a sense of feeling to it.
  2. Understanding: Being patient, learning what happened and being present through entire conversation.
  3. Patience: Relax and know that it may take some time for whom is speaking to get their message across, just be aware and don’t rush them.
  4. Empathy: Thank them for sharing and that you can appreciate what they are saying.
  5. Partnering: Tell them that you want to partner with them and that you are always open and available to listen.

No raising your voice in frustration no matter what’s going on in the conversation. Always keeping a level head will help all parties get the most out of the conversation.

The Code

Women sometimes tend to speak in code and expect the man to understand what she is saying. When the man doesn’t, she gets upset or tends to shut down without realizing it. This is very difficult to understand.

This code in my opinion, should be introduced at a later date as the friendship developments. Women already understand this network but us as men do not.

If there is going to be an introduction of a code that men should understand, it must first be explained but, not when you first meet each other. Men will need clarification of what that means, why it is important.

This is why the power of the first 20 secs and checking your tone are so important in the beginning stages. The development of this code can established through these two methods and that will take time.


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