How to be an Effective Accountability Person

How to be an Effective Accountability Person

An accountability person is a person that you are accountable to. This person with permission from you, is responsible for being able to ask you the tough questions.

  1. They will have access to your deepest secrets and be able to call up the truth from the deepest regions of your soul at any time.
  2. They will facilitate where the truth and victories resign.
  3. This person will accompany you where there is no condemnation or resentment for what you did.
  4. Their purpose is to probe and navigate to the roots of the problem,
  5. Strategically go into areas that even you are unfamiliar with and may not want to go,
  6. Access the situations at the root by asking a few questions,
  7. Help set up new strategies to redirect from old unhealthy ones,
  8. Strategically help set up a new mind blueprint, this is done by following a few steps,
  9. Ensure new methods of encouraging the person that requires the accountability.
  10. Tap root by listening to key words and plan healthy responses to aide in recovery.
  11. Pray strategically into areas where the problem is.
  12. Motivate the person to the level of confidence knowing that they are going to make it.

The challenge is not reacting aggressively to a call received too late. Sometimes you will be responding to a situation that has happened already. The best way to address this to stay calm. The person you are helping is feeling shame and disappointment. Not to mention the time frame it may have took them to reach out to you in the first place.

Be aware that shame and fear will try and cripple that he/she into not reaching out. Isolation will start to settle in and if not approached with sensitivity, the person (he/she) will become isolated in their brokenness through secrecy.

Your job

  1. Is to minimize their emotional despair of how they are feeling.
  2. Feed him /her words of encouragement. You are going to be just fine.
  3. Do not condemn because the concern may be a deeper rooted problem then first realized.
  4. Remember that they have entrusted you.
  5. Know that they are fragile and vulnerable, keep this understanding in the front of your mind.
  6. Let them witness your desire and passion to see them have victory, this can be done by them telling you what happened.

In conclusion, it is important to try and not to make this method complicated. Stick to the original blueprint plan of why you are in there life at this time.

Be an ambassador of change by knowing your purpose. Lead with sensitivity and understanding. Master listening to best tap into the root causes of what may driving the behaviour. Always feed encouraging words to lift them up.

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