How to Acquire the Most Amazing Women

How to acquire the most amazing women on the planet to pursue you

Let’s face it, any guy out there has the potential to be a bad guy, but to master being an amazing guy that will set you up to attain an amazing woman to pursue you. That is high level stuff. What!!! Sounds too good to be true! Well, let me give you an irrespirable offer.

Q: If I can show you through some principles a way that will transform you into an amazing guy, which would make that women Want to be amazing just because of you, would you consider what I’m about to show you?

Now, this may or may not be for you and some of you may think that you have it all together and that’s great, keep doing what you are doing.

Q: Men, Have ever come home and thought everything is fine just because you were helping her solve an issue but made the situation worse?


In order to acquire this ability, you first must be willing, able to change and be okay with what’s required. This is not about cockiness or even confidence because the development of what you need becomes the confidence.

I know, change is a very strong word and some can’t handle if venality, it get it but if you want this high level experience, you will have to change what you are doing now, yes?


Q: What do you want really want? What matters to you? For example, some just want to matter, some want to know that have extreme valve!

But what do you really want?
When this series is complete and you follow these principles, you will witness a shift in the very state of what you carry, which is true genuine love, honor, respect, security, sensitivity and service. Plus these elements will increase every time you invest in it.

Let’s get started, are you happy with yourself?

Conflicts will multiply if not resolved. Because conflicts are patterns of emotion in some ways, women will pick this up immediately and that may steer them away from you. Some women just may not want to burden you with her stuff, or they think you will not understand what she is going through and they are right, but that is about to change!

Not to mention if they have been in previous situations that involves conflict. They will relate conflicts by being sad, unhappy, angry, and unsafe with not having safe boundaries.

How to fix these conflict situations

Sadness; In some cases the root of sadness may not have been caused by you

The environment, past hurts and a lack of positive outcomes just to name a few may cause sadness. What you can do help reverse sadness other pray is,

Be willing to surround yourself with positive happy people, listen to positive music that cheers you up, train your mind to think differently when are feeling sad. Train it to not give in to sadness.


Q: How do I do that?
  1. The brain remembers everything and also how you cope with situations including sadness. You change the programing of the response to sadness by a new positive actions to the mind and repeat it over and over, until it is hard wired into your mindset.

Yes, this will take work and discipline but, I know you can do it!

  1. Learn to be happy with yourself. Her emotions and inner beauty are attracted to the happiness of what you bring. Being happy shows that you can manage worry well and unforeseen challenges in life.

Make sure that you are excising this new happy you and it becomes a part of your everyday lifestyle.


Identifying why women are important, what makes them tic, and why they say and do what they do. How in the world can all of that be done, this sounds impossible right?

Well that’s what I thought at first. Can I tell you a little bit of what I have learned!

I call this part, mastering how to communicate with her and doing it well (Listening and really hearing what she is saying)

Once you recognize that there is a problem 9/10 times, don’t panic, listen first, she may not want you to fix it. There are many gears to learn through this process. The first gear she may want you to do is:

  1. Hear her: This is one of the gears I have learned, if something is bothering your woman understand this, they will go through at least 4-6 different issues before you even get to the real issue. The real issues tend to be the children, her nest or you. So be mindful of that while you’re listening to her patiently, it will take time to get to what’s really bothering her (don’t rush her)!
  2. Then empathize: Gear number two, I always make an attempt to identify and come alongside her emotionally, this I do with eye contact, verbally agreeing with what she is saying to let her know I am right there with her, for example; “really, totally understand”, “ok let me see if I’m hearing you correctly” repeating in part what she said. This is very important.
  3. Gear number 3 Apologize: Sympathize just say I’m sorry (express regret in a genuine way).
  4. Give her a huge hug: then wait for more, Physical touch is so important, it may not me a lot to us as men but, it means so much to women. Remember that you have to be invited for physical touch, so ask if it is ok to give her a hug!
  5. Then repeat same actions again. Yes, I couldn’t believe it when I first heard it myself. “Do it again!!!!!!!” That’s hard…….. Wow……okay again I get it!

Paying attention to detail is along the lines of service. Study her and be responsible by anticipating her every move.

You have to be invited into the living room of women’s mind, and only she has the right to allow you in! Your responsibility is to prepare for the invite!

Part 2

Take Responsibility

  1. It is important to take responsibility in everything you do. Why? Quite simply, it is about ownership and not being afraid of the challenges that come with that responsibility.
Q: Doing you feel you are at a place of owning your responsibility?
Q: Do you feel you can admit mistakes as a part of the process of owning your own stuff?
  1. Whatever past regrets that may have happened, there needs to be a personal ownership of that! This is where the rubber meets the road, people are always looking for transparency.
Q: Are you at a place where you can discuss what you regret?
Q: What may have stopped you from discussing that?
  1. Personal development of improving oneself is vital.
Q: Do you believe working on yourself is important?
Q: Why?
  1. The growth of your personality needs to be recognized as a safe place to others.

It is always a good thing for people to sometimes hear good reports of positive change.

  1. Taking responsibility for her and what she carries with her and understand it’s not about you (That includes her children if she has or not, even if she is not interested yet) this is pertaining to mostly men!
  2. Don’t react so quickly to the now, but react to the future. Have a plan in place and work towards the goal.(example Batista hitting the ball into the stands)
  3. Take great care as you do tasks not ask anything in return. Be the true gentlemen. The Image that you present will be imprinted in a women’s mind as you do this.
  4. Being honest; this maybe hard because we are fearful that what we disclosed will in some way be used against us. So we feel obligated to defend ourselves, this becomes stressful and it shouldn’t be the case but, it is what it is!
Q: Do you find this to be true in your surroundings?

Solution, at the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter what other people think, plus all that stuff becomes noise! We just have to get good at blocking out noise! Reminds me of my notes from Les Brown’s teaching, he said

“Forgive and grow, If you want to grow, you are going to have to clear your mind of all the unnecessary baggage and stuff.” Les Brown, Getting Unstuck

  1. Guys, be transparent in conversations, allow yourself to be open so she can feel safe in assessing you. Don’t worry too much about it because, at this point she is formulating trust to be established with you.

Help her get to that place of trusting you. Do that, and you end up helping yourself in the long run with your friendships and relationships!

  • Make decisions but also listen to what she wants to know. Try and decide on a topic, or subjects etc. In other words, “stop wasting time and use time up”.  – Les Brown, Be Hungry
  1. Be available to her, in everything you do and be okay with it. It doesn’t make you any less of a man, but it will make you more desirable if done the right way. She may not even want the help in most cases, just remember what you are building (trust).
  2. Study her and be responsible by anticipating her every move. This is all part of the process of mastering communication with her.

Look at it as one less item she won’t have to worry about, which may leave more room for areas in the friendship you are both working on.





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