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Defeating Depression. Part 4

11. Stresses

12. Aloneness and Triggers

In some ways depression can be hidden through a mask which is not been easily seen. Being alone gives the depression time to set up, and become rooted, by pondering on the guilt. This set a platform of acting out through masks. For example

  1. Working too much
  2. Sexual deviant behaviours, sexual problems
  3. Aggressiveness and anger, sudden outbursts of intimidating action
  4. Prone to accidents
  5. Binge drinking or just drinking impulsively, gambling,

All these reactions contribute in a way to cover what might be going on underneath the surface by the masks we put on.

This can further paralyze the person and or isolate them, sometimes to the point of suicide.


Comfort, security and development

The key is staying healthy

Thinking Negatively: In this area, don’t wear down the thinking of an individual and allow positive reinforcement.

Stress of life: A good way to become less stressed is to be more self-aware of what’s going on with you, stay calm when events happen, sometimes things are beyond your control, plan out events before they happen, if you can see it coming you can make adjustments.

Anger: To move this contributing anger from an inward state, you will need to reach outward to friends that you can trust. It is important to have the anger somewhere to go. Defuse the anger quickly by talking about it. Find a hobby that you enjoy and do it regularly.

Guilt: We must recognize that guilt generally comes before depression. We must try to be optimistic when thing in our life go terribly wrong. Put together a plan of positive things that can be implemented in your life. Prepare for crisis so went it happens you are ready, make wise decisions, surround yourself with encouragement, talk about it to a trusted other so reassurance is given, try and avoid being alone.

Parenting concerns: Find help and don’t be afraid to ask for it, stay healthy with regular time for exercise, read self-help books which is beneficial for those going through certain conditions.

Physical Appearance: it is important to have a planned structure for your health. Diet is a significant step toward being healthy mentally and physically. Be quick to gauge how you are feeling and make adjustments accordingly. Seek advice from a professional and lay all the cards out so they can help you.

Aloneness and Triggers: restore hope (knowing that everything is going to be just fine) Things spoken on to that person/triggers childhood memory


Action Plan Tools:

  1. Stay encouraged
  2. Reach out beyond the walls that bind you by staying in positive friendships
  3. New activities to change the mind set( sports, recreational, hobbies)
  4. Cancel the guilt In the Name of Jesus
  5. Be self-aware
  6. Fill your time wisely,
  7. Be transparent with a trusted other (Accountability person)
  8. Understand that this a tactic of unhealthy thoughts may lead you down combining paths with other struggles, so make the necessary adjustments

Always see yourself beyond the depressed state of guilt, always walk upright.

Tools that you can do every day, do them each day and you will overcome situations.

Marion F. Ehrenberg, David N. Cox and Raymond F Koopman, “The Million Adolescent Personality Inventory Profiles of Depressed Adolescents” Adolescence 25, no.98 (Summer 1990), 416Its

 There are no deadlines. There are no pressures for you to defeat your demons. Everything you do, do at your own pace.  You will succeed by knowing yourself. 

Peter Needham

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