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Defeating Depression. Part 3

7. Guilt

Psychologically depressed people generally think about themselves.

  1. Their attitude and primary focus are on deeds of the past and they blame themselves( things they felt they could have done better)
  2. They try to avoid feeling bad , but end up with guilty feelings
  3. Paralyzes them, and makes that person helpless, which leads them into further rebellion.


We must recognize that guilt generally comes before depression. We must try to be optimistic when thing in our life go terribly wrong. Put together a plan of positive things that can be implemented in your life. Prepare for crisis so went it happens you are ready, Pray wisdom, surround yourself with encouragement, talk about it to a trusted other so reassurance is given, try and avoid being alone.

8. Older / More Mature Person

9. Parental Concerns

If children are having a hard time learning how to adjust, it could lead the parent into a depressive state; they tend to feel it is their fault.

Learning how to keep up with your children can be frustrating and can lead to that parent being depressed.

Heaviness of responsibility


Find help and don’t be afraid to ask for it, stay healthy with regular time for exercise, read the Psalms which is beneficial for those going through certain conditions.

10. Physical Appearance

How we look and how we see ourselves can be stressful. The body of depressed persons will show clear changes, such as; extreme weight loss or extreme weight gain, this may be activated by lack of sleep initially, body movement is generally slow, eating habits, time of when to eat varies, not structure or plan in place, basically just letting yourself go if, there is not a medical condition standing in the way.


Recognize that depression can affect you physically, it is important to have a planned structure for your health. Diet is a significant step toward being healthy mentally and physically. Be quick to gauge how you are feeling and make adjustments accordingly. Seek advice from a professional and lay all the cards out so they can help you.

 The pressures of the world can seem heavy when taking them on all at once. Take a step back, take a breath and it’ll appear to be a little less overwhelming. 

Peter Needham

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