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Defeating Depression. Part 2


In order to defeat depression, you’ll need to continue to identify the causes that create negativity in your mind and life.

4. Stress of Life

Stress is the main factor of depression. Stress tends to piggy back a crisis or life changing events. When this happens stress attaches to that issue or concern. Some causes of stress are as follows:


  1. An intense break up of a relationship
  2. Family problem (discord)
  3. Separation (Parental or spousal)
  4. Death of someone close
  5. Divorce
  6. Unplanned pregnancy
  7. Any event that may lower self –esteem out self
  8. Failure to make goals


A good way to become less stressed is to be more self-aware of what’s going on with you, stay calm when events happen, sometimes things are beyond your control, Plan out event before they happen, if you can see it coming you can make adjustments.

5. Biological Factors

6. Anger

In research, they describe anger turned inward; this put the body and mind under extreme pressure or stress. As this happens generally moves into a depressive state quickly finding out that there are few off ramp to defuse what you are feeling. The mind goes into defense mood becoming depressed.


To move this contributing anger from an inward state, you will need to reach outward to friends that you can trust. It is important to have the anger somewhere to go. Defuse the anger quickly by talking about. Find a hobby that you enjoy and do it regularly.

Without self-awareness and discovery, we will continue to fall into destructive patterns. Keep on preserving and you will succeed!

Peter Needham

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