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5 Effective Ways to Achieve Your New Years Resolutions

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It’s a brand new year! While the celebrations have come to a close and the holiday decorations have long been put away, we are left with a blank slate full of fresh opportunity.

The long-lasting tradition of new year’s resolutions have empowered hundreds of thousands of people each year to pursue the greatest versions of themselves.

After all, who’s trying to waste time stuck in their old ways?

Not you, that’s for sure.

So, ask yourself the question – What do I want to achieve during this brand new year?

Effective goal-setting and success are achieved through methods that help actualize our intentions.

Here are 5 great methods for setting and achieving your goals for 2019:

1. Make Your Goals Specific & Measurable

The potential for personal growth sounds great in theory, but how measurable are your goals?

Choosing goals that you can keep track of will help you stay on task and remain focused on the bigger picture without becoming overwhelmed by the process.

Tracking your progress along the way will add to the reward factor as you begin to achieve small victories along the way.

Abstract, vague goals have no real sense of task orientation, and not having the ability to track our progress can make it very difficult to stay motivated.

Setting a goal to lose X amount of weight by the end of the year with no plan of action can make it hard to even know where to start; however setting a goal to go to the gym three times a week with the intention of hitting a reasonable monthly goal is a much more realistic expectation that achieves the same outcome with less stress and more reward.

Creating specific and measurable goals means that we have a better chance of crossing them off of our lists more frequently, instead of becoming intimidated at the thought of the ‘bigger picture”.

2. Set Goals That Will Push Your Boundaries

We always set out with the idea of self-improvement in mind, but getting past our comfort zone can be difficult; especially when we have formed concrete habits that we’d like to break out of.

This is where goal-setting comes in handy.

Nobody knows you better than yourself, but sometimes we don’t know where our line is. Challenging ourselves helps not only to find that line, but break past it and into new territory.

If you’re used to walking for thirty minutes every day, take two days of the week where you walk for forty. Eventually, walking for forty minutes will become your new thirty minutes.

Be willing to push yourself beyond your means, and you’ll discover that a more evolved you is not only possible, but closer than you think.

3. Write Down Your Goals

Visualization is a powerful key to success, and the act of writing something down will always help us in solidifying our vision.

Write a list for yourself of the goals that you want to achieve this year (or even this month!) and post it somewhere in your direct line of sight.

By doing this you are reminding yourself to always consider accountability.

This list is important, as it will be your guide to self-development; so make it as colourful, visible and jazzy as you like. You’re going to be crossing a lot of things off of it this year, so make sure it’s something that you’ll enjoy looking at often!

4. Use Affirmations & Form “I Will” Statements

Affirmations are an amazing way of focusing on the things that we want to manifest.

We can easily use these in our daily lives to form “I Will” statements that we can recite to help us form better habits.

An “I Will” statement is like a handshake with yourself; a way of holding yourself accountable to the goals you have laid out.

Take a minute out of your day to look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself what you will do today to improve your life.

This will elevate and empower the way that you view yourself through positive self talk.

Whether it be listening to a podcast to learn something new, or doing an extra 5 reps in your set at the gym, performing this ritual with yourself every day will help you manifest the things that you want to achieve.

Eventually, habit will become reality.

5. Be Accountable To Yourself

As mentioned in the last point, the best person to hold you accountable for your actions in life is you!.

Taking time out of every day to review your daily contributions to your goals is a fantastic way of measuring your day-to-day successes, no matter how big or small they may be.

As an added bonus, forming this habit of reviewing your “daily wins” will leave you feeling content with yourself and hungry to continue.

Taking an effective approach to goal-setting can be the difference between smashing our New Year’s Resolutions and not. Don’t be afraid to take a close look at your progress to get you where you want to be.

Life is a long game, so don’t worry about taking small steps toward your bigger life goals.

Interested in goal-setting and manifesting your dreams? Let’s chat.

Book a consultation and let’s begin the transformation!

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